Plenty of men and women are familiar with a protruding, saggy tummy area. It's a frustrating thing, often resulting from several pregnancies, significant weight loss, or genetics. Perhaps for you, the tummy is just a pesky "problem area" that you can't seem to trim down.


No matter what the cause, the effect of this problem area on your self image can be quite negative. Rather than constantly feel self-conscious about your appearance, wouldn't it be great to be able to wear what you want and live life with confidence?


With today's advancements in plastic surgery, a tummy tuck is a truly accessible option—for almost anyone.



Surgery designed for YOU

A tummy tuck can, and should, be custom-designed to fit your personal needs. Depending on how much excess skin or fat you have, you might benefit from a mini or standard tummy tuck, or a combination of tummy tuck and liposuction. When evaluating patients for tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Joseph considers several things: current amount of fat in the tummy area, tightness of abdomen muscles, and skin "traits" (loose, thick, tight, etc.). When performed by a skilled, artistic surgeon like Dr. Joseph, the result will be a sleeker, more attractively contoured abdominal area.


Time to take action against abdominal rolls. Treat yourself to the flatter tummy you deserve!


Learn more about your tummy tuck options and find out if you're a candidate...

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