Sometimes a top-of-the-line bra just doesn't cut it. You want to feel confident in a bikini. You deserve to feel desired in the bedroom. And every girl wants to impress in their favorite sexy top. So, you need just a little something extra.


You can find just that through a breast augmentation. Perhaps you've avoided surgery in the past, for fear of "downtime" or scarring. While it's smart to consider such issues, it's also important to realize how far plastic surgery has advanced.



Surgery Designed for You

Breast augmentation isn't simply about a bigger cup size. It's also about recontouring the bust line, creating a shape is better proportioned to your body, and making you feel comfortable and confident. And Dr. Joseph understands that this doesn't mean the same thing to every woman. Since no two patients are alike, each breast augmentation he performs is customized to fit the needs and body type of that patient.

The doctor can use a variety of incision methods, and will determine which is best based on your goals and situation. He may opt for placing it in the small crease beneath the breast, along the border of the areola, or inconspicuously in the underarm. Additionally, the breast implant may be placed above or beneath the muscle, and he can thoroughly discuss the difference between these options during your consultation.



Treat Yourself to a New Image

Learn more about breast augmentation and find out if you're a candidate...

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